Empowering People

The two souls that make up Seed 2 Soul workshops are Evan Pemberton and Nicole Evangelidis. They came together with the common goal of sharing their love of wholefoods, naturopathy and sustainable living to launch Seed 2 Soul in 2014. Since then they have run workshops throughout Sydney and regional NSW.

“Our goal is to empower and inspire others by teaching the value of seasonality, sustainability and the benefits of traditional wholefood cookery. We bring years of practical experience in the kitchen integrated with nutritional knowledge. Our workshops are hands-on, fun and focused on sharing skills and building confidence.”

                                                                       Evan Pemberton

Evan luckily started life with chickens, fruit trees and a vege patch. Weekends would be on his grandparents’ farm in the Yarra Valley or in his grandmother’s permaculture garden. Evan’s mother had travelled extensively in her youth and brought many dishes from the Mediterranean, Africa and Europe to the table. He has fond memories of passata bottling and fruit preserving with family & neighbours in Melbourne.

A career as a Chef took him from Australia to Europe but it wasn’t until returning to open his own restaurant in the Yarra Valley that his passion for locally sourced wholefoods returned. The restaurant showcased biodynamic and organic foods sourced from the Yarra region. Upstairs, Evan introduced holistic health practitioners to emphasise his belief about the connection between food and wellbeing.

After selling the restaurant and moving back to Sydney, Evan continued his slow food and sustainable philosophies through opening the kitchen at Wolgan Valley resort, then Lillianfels and Darley’s restaurant in the Blue Mountains. He established kitchen gardens to grow heirloom vegetables and created locally sourced menus.

Evan is now taking the next step by integrating Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine into his career with a focus on health and wellness. Educating people to be creative, respectful and passionate about wholefoods and empower them is his goal.



Nicole Evangelidis

Nicole is a presenter who loves sharing the joy of traditional cooking and sustainable living with others. As a Training Facilitator with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, she has educated schools across Australia about the benefits of kitchen garden programs. She set up and ran the kitchen at Stanmore Public School where she taught children how to prepare and cook with produce from a beautiful permaculture garden.

Nicole believes food is a means of engaging with other cultures and creating an open and tolerant community. She grew up eating delicious Macedonian food in her grandmother’s kitchen: home-made yogurts and breads, pickled vegetables and pastries with fresh cheeses.

She is now focused on empowering others to take charge of their health and is completing a Masters of Public Health and a Health Sciences degree in Naturopathy. Nicole believes a balanced lifestyle full of adventure, travel and a variety of delicious foods is the key to good health.

Two Loving Souls

Evan and Nicole first met in 2012 while studying naturopathy and have been inseparable ever since. They are getting married in February 2016 in the beautiful South Coast of NSW.