Spicy Sprouts & Crunchy Pea's

IT'S BRUSSEL SPROUT SEASON !!!! yes I understand a lot of you have been traumatised as children with grey over boiled soggy baby cabbages....but stay posted for some recipes that will return these lost gems to your tables.

This is the first recipe of the season to convert the most hardened Brussel basher to a devotee of these forgotten brassicas.......



  • Brussel sprouts,

  • Chickpeas (pre boiled)

  • 1 x lemon (juiced and fine zest)

  • Spice mix: 1 x tsp of each cumin, corriander seed, paprika, cinamon, tumeric, ginger powder.

  • Almond sauce: 300g Tahani, 100ml white wine vinegar, 5 garlic cloves, 50ml lemon juice,  350ml warm water + salt


  • 1) Almond sauce: crush garlic into a smooth paste. In a blender, combine tahani & vinegar until it tightens into a thick paste. Add water and lemon slowly with blender running continuously. Slowly add 300g of almond meal. Adjust with water until you get a smooth paste. Season with salt.

  • 2) Sprouts: trim off outer leaves & excess stalk. Cut in 1/2 length ways leaving base intact. Deep fry the sprouts & chickpeas in 180 degree oil until crispy brown. Remove from oil and drain. Season with salt, lemon juice and spice mix.

  • 3) Place a large spoon of almond mix on a plate and spread out evenly. Arrange sprouts & chickpeas on top.... mmmmm